How To do DVD Authoring, Autorun CD, etc.

New Cyberian Systems, Inc. knows not everyone is a computer scientist and preparing a CD or DVD replication project does require some basic knowledge. As we always have the altruistic unselfish desire to help our customers, we have prepared the following free information for you. The information here is the supplemental to our FAQ.

  1. All you need to know about CD and DVD (PDF)
  2. All you need to know about CD and DVD (HTML)
  3. The Many Ways to DVD Authoring (PDF)
  4. The Many Ways to DVD Authoring (HTML)
  5. Why my DVD does’t work?
  6. How to be environmental and eco-friendly when order compact disc products?
  7. Adding CSS copy protection to DVDs
  8. How to Prepare a CD Master for CD Duplication and CD Replication?
  9. How to decide when to use CD duplication and when to use CD replication?
  10. Why should one use replication instead of duplication?
  11. How to send a disc image to your replicator?
  12. The Pitfall of using NERO image
  13. How to print a unique serial number on a replicated CD or DVD?
  14. CD/DVD Duplicator FAQ
  15. How to create special effects such as 3D, flip, and morph on disc packaging using lenticular printing?
  16. How to sell your music online?
  17. How to create a single page for selling your music online?
  18. Compact Disc Manufacturing (PDF)
  19. Compact Disc Manufacturing (HTML)
  20. How to burn dual layer DVD's to resolve layer break point?
  21. How to add CD-Text to Audio CDs
  22. How to Create A CD Label Using Photoshop
  23. How to Add Video To An Audio CD
  24. How to do Blu-ray replication?