Make your video playable on DVD players

A lot of people misunderstand that by simply copying the video files to a DVD and the DVD will play on any DVD players. Unfortunately this is far from being true. When you copy a video files to a DVD, say mp4 or mov files, the DVD is simply a data DVD. DVD players usually do not recognize data DVD as playable disc. For example, the pictures below show the different error messages from different brands of DVD players.

DVD error message from Magnavox
DVD error message from Philips
DVD error message from JVC
DVD error message from LG

For a DVD to work on DVD players the DVD itself has to be in DVD-VIDEO format. When you examine the file structure of a DVD-VIDEO you will find there are two folders inside; an empty AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO-TS folder filled with files in extensions of .BUP, .IFO, .VOB.

To convert your video files into DVD-VIDEO you will need DVD authoring software. Listed below are some examples.

On Windows

On Mac

The list above is by no mean complete. Simply Google "DVD authoring software" to find more.