Unique Serial Number on CD or DVD

Ever need to print a unique key on each replicated CD or DVD? Traditionally the way to do it is to print the unique key on some sort of narrow stickers. The stickers are then applied to the product packaging, product literature, or on the discs themselves. Although the first two approaches are both feasible and practical, they still present a little problem. What if the box or the manual got lost?

Have the serial number or product key on the disc is no doubt the best way to archive your software. But affixing a sticker onto a disc is a very bad choice. Not only the disc looks tacky, it may severely affect the function of the disc. The sticker will create an imbalance of the disc while it revolves in high speed. This will affect the disc readability and potentially damage the disc drive.

Announcing a new and elegant approach! New Cyberian can now print a unique key on every disc we replicate. Simply supply us the spreadsheet with the keys and we will print them on the disc for you as part of the replication process.

How to prepare the artwork for the unique key?

It's very simple. Just create a new layer on your Photoshop or Illustrator file, create a rectangular area for the key, and then type in one key as an example. That's it! We will take care of the rest. Of course don't forget to send us the spreadsheet or the key generating algorithm.

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