New Cyberian -- the price and quality leader in CD Replication and DVD Replication

New Cyberian Systems, Inc. is a full-service CD / DVD manufacturer with facilities throughout the world. For the last few years we have positioned ourselves as a needs-orientated service provider to our clients. Keeping customers satisfied by providing highest quality products and services has been our guideline of business.

No matter what your needs are, New Cyberian is your ultimate source for CD-ROM, Business Card CDROM, Shaped CD, Mini CD, DVD, CDR, DVD±R, and CD Labels.

We are the manufacturer of CDs and DVDs,
We offer good prices without the hidden fees.
Our company is called New Cyberian,
Customer satisfaction is our #1 criterion
We ship anywhere in the US and overseas.

To every disc we meticulously inspect,
With highest quality you can expect.
No matter if it is for DVD or CD-ROM,
To the ISO-9001 standard we conform.
Even the smallest defect we won’t neglect.
We pride ourselves as the price and quality leader,
To buy from us you don’t have to be a bidder.
Our pricing structure is clear with no trick,
Not to mention our turnaround time is quick.
Same low prices, be you a retail or wholesale trader.

Come find out all the info from our website,
It’s just one mouse click from your sight.
The address is,
The smartest shopper you will soon become.
You'll be glad making a decision that is right.

As a true believer of market economy, we encourage and welcome competition. It’s through the invisible hand of laissez-faire that the disc replication industry has become more mature. New Cyberian Systems has always been the pioneer on low pricing and high quality. Many other companies have to lower their prices because of the leading role and pressure from New Cyberian. What distinguishes us from the others is that we lower our prices but never the quality.