How to be environmental and eco-friendly when order compact disc products?

Let’s face it, compact discs, be them CDs or DVDs, are made of plastics. So is the packaging material; CD jewel cases, DVD Amaray cases are made of plastics too. The inevitable fact is: We are guilty of being earth polluters when we need to distribute compact discs.

How about minimize the damages? That we can do right?! In this article we try to suggest different ways to be a responsible citizen when it comes to buying compact disc products.

Use thinner discs

flexible DVD

New Cyberian can press a DVD that is thinner than the normal DVD. This is called the Flex DVD and it is half the thickness and half the weight of a normal DVD. Being thinner it uses less plastics and less energy to melt the plastics during manufacturing. Flex DVD works just like a normal DVD and has been used by marketers for mass mailing. The savings in postage can be substantial when the volume of mailing is big.

Use slim jewel cases

If you have to use jewel cases for your CDs, consider the slim jewel cases instead of the standard jewel cases. You might think that the weight difference is minimum as only the spine is narrower. That fact is, a slim jewel case has only 60% of the weight of a standard jewel case. The elimination of the extra tray accounts for the weight loss. Less plastics means less pollution.

Use slim Amaray cases

By the same token, when you need to use Amaray cases do consider the slim version. The weight difference is truly negligible in this case. But consider there will be fewer and smaller boxes to house them, less packaging tape to secure them, and less postage to ship them. A little does count.

Say No to colored Amaray cases

Colored Amaray Cases

Colored Amaray cases are made from so called “virgin plastics” because of the need for coloring. Black Amaray cases, on the other hand, are mostly made from recycled plastics. That’s why color Amaray cases tend to be 2 to 3 times more expensive then black Amaray cases. Color Amaray case includes white, yellow, blue, orange, and pink. Avoid them totally if you are really environmental. Avoid clear Amaray case for the same reason too.

Use recycled paper products

If you can avoid using plastics then do it. True, paper products cause harm to the environment too. But using recycled paper products can minimize the harm done. Recycled paper products do cost more because of the extra effort to collect the material and the post processes. They also do not look as good as non-recycled material. What you are paying is the peace of mind in your conscience; you are helping the environment.

Quit using shrink wrap or poly wrap

Wrapping is meant to protect your packaging from being scratched. But the minute your recipients receive your product the wrapping will be torn and tossed away. So the protection only lasts from the time the product is shipped to the time when it is received. When the shrink wrap film ends up in the landfill it will take years to be degraded. If it is burned instead of buried, toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide and aldehydes are given off to the atmosphere. With careful packaging there can be no scratch at all during the shipping transit. Avoid this culprit as much as you can.

Tell your client about your noble intention

You may concern about people’s perception on your product when they receive it. Put a statement on the packaging and tell them your noble intention. People will tend to appreciate such noble belief then picking on minor aesthetic imperfection. After all they are buying the content of your disc, not the packaging. For example, put “This product is made from recycled material to minimize the damage to the environment. We appreciate your understanding and support.”


Eco-friendly disc manufacturing and packaging solutions are available through New Cyberian. By offering these options, New Cyberian may profit less. But we prefer to take the non-hypercritical attitude towards this issue. As always, New Cyberian has the unselfish desire to help our customs, and now to the environment too.