How to do Blu-ray replication?


If you have been a DVD author and want to jump on the bandwagon of HD video you will definitely encounter Blu-ray. Just like when DVD first came out a lot of people were confused on how to create a master for replication.

Fortunately New Cyberian is located in Silicon Valley the Hi-Tech capital of the world. Engineering knowledge is something we have a surplus here and making it easy for our clients to accomplish their tasks has always been our goal. In this article we are going to teach you how to do Blu-ray replication.

We understand your plight

After spending hours of authoring you finally came up with playable Blu-ray on BD-R. You were excited and the great sense of accomplishment made you feel lighter when you walked. Let’s replicate this baby like a fish spawn its eggs. So you googled “Blu-ray replication” and voila! Wait, they all needed BD-CMF, unlike the case of DVD I could only supply a playable DVD-R. Well, no big deal, I will just let the software output BDCMF then. After looking and searching the user’s guide you finally realized that your software, despite its seemingly powerful editing capability, is incapable of outputting BDCMF. From one of the websites you found a solution to use DVDIt Pro for $499. You felt uncomfortable to have to pay extra half grand with the possibility of re-authoring. Worse of all, the product already disappeared from the market and was nowhere to be bought.

The solution to Blu-ray replication

If the above situation matches what you have experienced, congratulate yourself on finding us. New Cyberian not only can accept your playable BD-R as master, it also has the most competitive pricing for Blu-ray replication. Plan your next fishing trip instead. New Cyberian can take over the replication while you have fun, including applying for AACS for you on your behalf.

In a nutshell, just treat a Blu-ray replication job as a same old DVD replication job. Send us the viewable BD master on BD-R and let us take care of the nuisance for you.

What software can export BDCMF and BDMV?

For your information, the following software can export BD-CMF. If you have one of them in your arsenal, you should go ahead export your authoring in BD-CMF.

  1. Sony Blu-Print
  2. DoStudio
  3. Roxio DVDit Pro HD - A discontinued Roxio product. Try to find it from other after market sources such as eBay or Amazon
  4. Scenarist BD Studio - The software has changed hands many times. Rovi is the current owner but its selling strategy is unclear. You cannot find this product on Rovi's website.

There are many programs that can output BDMV which is acceptable by New Cyberian as replication ready Blu-ray Disc master. Listed below are some of the most common ones.

  1. DVD-Logic BDAuthor
  2. DVD-Logic EasyBD
  3. Adobe Encore CS6
  4. Final Cut Pro X
  5. Cuberlink PowerProducer - You may already own this software because it is usually bundled with Blu-ray burners. Check the software that comes with your computer or your Blu-ray burner.
  6. Blu-Disc Studio
  7. TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5
  8. Nero 12