LCD Video Brochure / Postcard / Greeting Card

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What is video postcard?

Reaching potential customers and conveying your message can be very challenging. The traditional pushing and pulling methods are either expensive or futile.

Introducing a brand new way to do marketing! The new gadget is the video postcard! Upon opening the conver of the card the video will start to play automatically.

When you receive this video card will you open it? The answer is most definitely yes. The same goes to your prospects. Voila! Your message is delivered, almost 100% guaranteed.

Screen SizeVisible AreaAspect RatioResolutions
2.4-in1.9 x 1.44:3320 x 240
2.8-in2.3 x 1.654:3320 x 240
4.3-in3.7 x 2.116:9480 x 272
5-in4.4 x 2.416:9480 x 272
7-in6 x 3.416:9800 x 480
10-in8.7 x 4.916:91024 x 600

The cardboard used for making the card can be glossy or matte. Artwork can be printed around the screen and also on the other panels. The Artwork Template tab has the template necessary for your artwork design.

Video content can be updated through a USB cable (included in the order) connected to the card and a computer. We can help transfer the video content for you or you can leave it as blank and then update the content by yourselves later. If you have several videos you can either play them contineously or you can have few buttons designated for video selection.

Besides as a card, we can always customize the form for you; for example as a gift box. We can also supply the module for you to integrate the video LCD to your own products. Given below are some examples.

video gift box video card with Cd
Gift Box w/ videoCD Accompanied by Video
video book video mailer
Video BookVideo Mailer
video folder video card module
Video FolderVideo Card Module

Based on your selections from the options menus we have determined that you will need the following artwork template.