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Mini CD-R is the middle ground between regular size and business card CD-ROM. With 210MB it’s big enough for most data storage purposes and small enough to distribute it conveniently. Preprinted Mini CD-R adds the flexibility to allow frequent changing contents. Your recipients can’t even tell they are burned by yourself because the CD face is professionally printed, not by label but by silkscreen process. Avoid the hassle of printing and applying awkward sticky labels -- the biggest bottleneck in the whole process.

Need to customize each disc with distinct printing? New Cyberian is the only one that can offer both regular silkscreen/offset printing and inkjet printable on the same disc. Just reserve a white area or a white stripe for inkjet printing. Low cost quality inkjet printers such as Epson R200 or R300 can be used to print individual name or custom artwork on the already silkscreen/offset printed disc.

These Mini CD-R’s are compatible with any CD writers available on the market such as our CD Duplicator Towers; a great combination for professional in-house CD Duplication.

There are many packaging options available for our Mini CD-R Printing. Depends on your budget, you can choose

  1. Clear Plastics Sleeves or Mailers
  2. Full-color Cardboard Jackets./Sleeves
  3. Soft Plastics Clam Shells, and
  4. Jewel Case

From the Packaging pull-down menu above you can choose different kinds of packaging options. Additional options can be added from the context sensitive menus to meet your requirements.

Presenting here are the artwork templates that you will need based on the selections you have made under the Packaging pull-down menu. You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please either send us the font files, outline the fonts (Illustrator), or rasterize the fonts (Photoshop). Missing font is a common problem we face when clients use non-standard fonts.

We can also accept artwork in other format from programs such as CorelDraw, Quark, Gimp as long as the following specifications are met.

  1. 300 dpi
  2. CMYK mode
  3. Artwork diameter is 78mm. There is a so called stacking ring area between 33mm and 35mm that is non-printable. The most inner non-printable circle is 22mm.

LEAD-TIME is about 10 working days. But let us know if you need your order sooner, we will try our best to expedite for you.

Shipping options include ground (1 to 5-day dependes on where you are located), 3-Day, 2-Day, and overnight. We encourage you to plan ahead so you can use ground shipping. In general the cost difference between ground and overnight is quite big.

For your reference, 1,000 bulk Mini CD-Rs weight about 21 lb. in one box.

Make the packaging option selection and then click on the Shop Online button. Specify the quantity you need, put your selection into the shopping cart, complete the check out process. You will receive an online invoice by email.

Ues the template(s) under the Artwork Template Tab to design your artwork(s).

Send us the artwork electronically to by using free services provided by or

If you place the order online, please include a copy of the online invoice when you send us the master by mail.

Note: All prices include film charges, the CD-R media, and 5-Color (full Color) silk-screen or offset printing directly onto the disc. There is absolutely NO extra charge except for shipping.