Eco-friendly packaging for CD

Digipak has been the preferable form of packaging for musicians since it was pushed out on the market. New Cyberian probably sells more digipaks than any other CD replication companies. But digipak does use plastic for the tray; and that makes us the environmental aficionados very uncomfortable. For that reason we have come up with few solutions.

sugarcane recycled digipak
Digipak made from sugarcane
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egg carton digipak
Digipak made from egg carton
Price will be available soon
paper tray digipak
Digipak with Paper Tray
Price will be available soon
cd wallet folder
Disc Wallet with folder
Price will be available soon

New Cyberian has always been the forerunner in advocating environmental protection. We work with raw material suppliers on using materials that do less harm to the mother nature; even that means we have to pay more.