Digipak Made from Sugarcane

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digipak with recycled tray Musicians love digipaks! If you happen to be an environmentalist and muscian then you will love this product even more. This is a conversion of our popular digipak but without the plastic. We replace the plastic tray with a recycled paper tray that is made from sugarcane. How sweet! The CD can be slided into the tray and a little pressure on the right will snap the CD in place. Isn's it good to know that you are helping reduce the size of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? The lighter weight of the digipak will save you on shipping cost and postage too. A definitely win-win on the environment and your wallet!

The digipak with sugarcane tray comes with 4-panel, 6-panel, and 8-panel. Booklets and inserts are optional.

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