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DigiPak combines the concept of jewel case and disc wallet into one. The DigiPak opens like a book as a disc wallet but instead of putting the disc into the pocket the disc will seat on a black or transparent tray. You can’t get more professional than this.

The advantage of DigiPaks over jewel cases is that the cardboard cover is not as brittle as a jewel case. Jewel cases crack and get broken easily. Yet the tray of a DigiPak seats on an extra cardboard which protects the tray from breaking and provides a good place for artwork.

DigiPak usually comes as 4-panel, 6-panel, or 8-panel.

Note: All prices include film charges, paper stock, full-color printing. There is absolutely NO hidden charge except for shipping.

Many companies offer digipaks, yet New Cyberian does it the best. How arrogant! Yes, we are so confident that our digipak is the best in the whole disc replication industry. Voir c’est croire and seeing is believing. We dare to challenge our competition by offering free samples. We encourage you to request samples from us and our competitors. Not only you will find our quality is much higher, our prices are much lower as well.

Please use the following artwork template to design your artwork.

Download the following template(s) to design your artwork(s). You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please send us the font files as well. Burn the finished artwork on a CD and send it together with the content master discs to be replicated. You can also send us the artwork and/or content electronically to sales@newcyberian.com by using www.yousendit.com. If you choose to send us the content electronically, try to create a disc image in ISO, NERO, Toast, or other compatible formats.

New Cyberian has always been the forerunner of environmental protection. Unlike other companies who are hypocritical on the issue, New Cyberian qualifies our material supplier strictly on the environmental impact.

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Recycled Digipaks