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If budget, environment, and simplicity are the elements of your plan, consider using simple sleeves instead of the jewel case extravagant. Sleeves with clear window allow your well designed artwork to be seen. If you don't feel the need to duplicate the same artwork on the disc to the insert, using sleeve is not only wise, but environmental and practical.

These basic sleeves protect the disc from being scratched. Their light weight makes them perfect for many applications, magazine insert, for example.

New Cyberian offers the following low cost sleeves for your CD or DVD replication projects.

  1. Paper Sleeve with Clear Window
  2. Clear Plastics Sleeve with or without adhesive backing
  3. Tyvek Sleeve with Clear Window

These are 5" x 5" bright white paper sleeves with clear mylar windows for disc protection. The sleeves also have back flaps. Suggested usage: For giveaway CD or DVD.

These 5" x 5" soft polyethylene plastic sleeves allow you to see through the whole disc. Not only the discs are protected during handling, the sturdiness of these sleeves also makes them perfect for disc storage. Suggested usage: With adhesive backing for CD/DVD attached to the back of a book.

If plain paper sleeve is too flimsy for you, consider using tyvek sleeves. Tyvek is a patented material that looks and feels like paper but is much sturdier.

If you have discs to be replicated, download the template listed below to design your artwork(s). You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please send us the font files as well. Burn the finished artwork on a CD and send it together with the content master discs to be replicated. You can also send us the artwork and/or content electronically to by using If you choose to send us the content electronically, try to create a disc image in ISO, NERO, Toast, or other compatible formats.