DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is both an art and science. A properly authored DVD should be free from logical errors and be compatible with most DVD players. Our DVD authoring gurus use the top notch state-of-the-art DVD authoring tools to assure your DVD will meet these basic requirements. We are experienced in building DVDs with

A special format of CD-ROM called VCD has been used by a lot of our customers. VCD has the advantage that it can be played by computer as well as DVD players. Our engineers have all the expertise to make VCDs with menus on DVD players and autorun on computers.

Our rates are very competitive. Call us at (408) 922-7268 for a price quote or send us a request for DVD samples.

Subtitle Translation

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Don't miss the opportunity to reach out international audience. New Cyberian offers subtitle translation for major languages such as

Once the subtitles are translated, we will integrate them into the video for you. The subtitles can be embedded into the video permanently, or as an add-on that can be turned on and off.

Tape to DVD, Tape to CD Conversion

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Tapes will wear out over time. The mechanical parts inside a tape will break one day. If you have memorable videos on tapes you should consider converting them into digital format. True, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray will be outdated too. But it is relatively easy to retrieve the video if it is necessary. Contact us if you need to archive your VHS tapes, MiniDV tapes, Digital8 tapes, or audio tapes on CDs or DVDs.

Vinyl to CD Conversion

vinyl to CD

Vinyl is great as an analog medium. But the sound quality will degrade over time. Back it up before it is too late! People argue that audio CD does not have the sample rate to 100% mimic the analog wave form. True! But how about DVD audio? With 192,000 kHz sample rate it is fine enough to fool even the most sensitive ears. New Cyberian uses a hardware solution to convert your vinyl into digital format without the need of in-between media to repeat the encoding and decoding. Your music will be 99.99% accurate of the original master piece.

Multi-lingual Multimedia Presentation

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GlobalRendering.com, a subsidiary of New Cyberian, offers multi-lingual multimedia production services. Our experienced internationalization and localization engineers can help you make your multimedia projects flexible enough to adopt to other cultures. If you need to expand your market to other regions of the world, let us help to create your CD-ROM Business Card with the right content in the right languages. Our services include: Flash animation, Director authoring, video voice over, video sub-titling, etc.

Packaging Design

Think of the packaging of your CDs or DVDs like the clothing you wear. Fashionable clothing makes people appear more attractive and appealable just like a unique packaging solution will make your whole product more marketable and sellable. New Cyberian Systems employs in-house graphics artists to help customer design their product packaging. These include jewel case inserts, jewel case traycards, DVD case inserts, cardboard sleeves, disc wallets, and digiPaks.