No Gimmicks, No Non-Sense, No Hidden Cost Guarantees

New Cyberian respects our customers. We know when you land on our website you are looking for the best values. By and large companies in our industry are honest and dedicated professionals with the desire to help. Nevertheless, there are companies like to fool customers by using low end tactics and gimmicks.

When you compare prices make sure to compare apple to apple. Some dishonest vendors like to use super low prices as baites. But watch out for the fine prints. Your final bill can be much higher because of these tricks. Be aware of them and don't let them insult your intelligence.

Some common gimmicks are:

3-color disc printing

With 3-color your artwork is limited to very plain design. 3-color is only good for silkscreen printing. If your design has solid background, few lines of text and a logo then that should be fine. For a good 3-color printing your artwork has to be in vector graphics format; meaning you need to use vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. If not, dishonest vendor will ask to charge you more. If your design is photographic, 3-color printing will result in very poor and coarse image. You will then be asked to pay more for if you want high resolution offset printing.

New Cyberian uses one low price that applies to both silkscreen and offset printing.

Super long lead-time (15 to 20 business days)

Some vendors put up a super low price to attract you. Once you place the order they will delay the shipment and request money for faster delivery. Be aware of such highway robbery.

New Cyberian offers 7 to 10 business day guaranteed production lead-time. If you need a rush job and we can do it, there is never a rush fee.

Remember, quality does cost money. When a price is too good to be true there must be serious inherent quality problem. After spending and scarifying your valuable time in creating your disc, don't let bad quality haunt you down the road. With New Cyberian you will have the peace of mind that you will be getting quality CD or DVD products at the most competitive prices.