Lenticular Slipcover for Disc Packaging

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When put on the same shelf, what makes your products stand out when competing with other products? How about using 3D lenticular prints? Your products will not only stand out, but also "pop out."

Note: We use the animated GIF to present the idea of 3D. The actual product is flat but with 3D visual effects.

Lenticular 3D printing has a long history. The principle is to use little lens on a plastic sheet to direct different images to the left and right eyes. Our brain will combine the images and produce a depth illusion. Lenticular printing used to be very expensive. It’s only until recently we can use it economically on disc packaging. New Cyberian Systems is always the front runner in using innovative products. We have come up with the solutions to apply lenticular 3D printing to your disc replication project.

By affixing a lenticular print to the front side of a slipcase, you get both the original and the advantage of lenticular all together. Besides 3D, lenticular print can also create effects such as flip, morph, zoom, animation, etc.

How To Order

Unlike all other standard products lenticular printing requires more communications. Please call us at 877-423-4383 to discuss the requirements.

Proofing for a design can be done by animated GIF or by anaglyph. An anaglyph is a red and blue picture to be viewed by the anaglyph 3D glasses. We will send you a pair of these glasses and email the anaglyph. If you have a anaglyph glasses now you can put it on to see the picture here. Make sure to have the red glass on the left eye and the blue glass on the right eye.

anaglyph glasses fo lenticular printinganaglyph

All lenticular printing products marketed by New Cyberian are manufactured by Visual Creative Graphics Innovations, a lenticular printing company in San Jose, CA.