Jewel Case Packaging

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Inserts & Traycards

Black or Clear Tray

Based on your selection from the option menus, you can get instant price quote plus shipping by specifying your zipcode and the quantity.

Jewel case is still the mainstream in CD packaging; though occasionally used for DVDs as well. You have the options to choose between black tray or clear tray. In the case of using clear tray the tray card will be printed on both sides. Once packaged, your CD or DVD will be totally retail-ready. UPC barcodes is FREE too!

LEAD-TIME is about 10 working days. But let us know if you need your order sooner, we will try our best to expedite for you.

Although we only offer up to 16-page booklet on our website, you can actually get booklet up to 48 pages. Contact us if you need a thicker booklet.

If you need to show artwork on both sides of the tray, use clear tray instead of the standard black tray.

Based on your selection from the Packaging pull-down menu we have determined that you will need the following template(s).

Download the artwork template from the Artwork Template tab on this page to design your artwork(s). You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please send us the font files as well. Burn the finished artwork on a CD and send it together with the content master discs to be replicated. You can also send us the artwork and/or content electronically to by using If you choose to send us the content electronically, try to create a disc image in ISO, NERO, Toast, or other compatible formats.