Heart Shape CD-R

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There are many ways of expression for someone who you love. Nothing can be more romantic than sending a heart shape CD with your own content.  He or she will be absolutely impressed.  Your digital content can be pictures of the most precious moment, songs that you enjoy together, and/or even a video.

New Cyberian Systems offers 3 styles of heart shape CD-Rs for you to choose.  Buy anyone of them or buy them all for collection.

Heart CDR

Heart Shape CD - Version 1 (Scroll down for more designs)

This meticulously designed heart shape CD-R has beautiful roses imprinted on the CD face.  It comes with 50MB capacity and will fit into the inner tray -- the smaller "well" of any CD-ROM drive.  The Chinese characters on the CD, Value the relationship, means "value our love."

Heart Shape CD - Version 2

This version of heart CDR has two little sheep angels.  Great for putting love songs.  Space has been reserved for you to put the song title and/or track numbers.

Like version 1, this CD-R also has 50MB capacity; enough storage for over 10 MP3 songs, 5 minutes of Mpeg-1 video, 20 minutes of WMV video, or over 150 high quality pictures.  It can be fit into the inner tray of any CD-ROM drive.

Heart CDR

Love foreverHeart Shape CD-R - Version 3

Unlike the above two versions, this is the 180MB version of the heart CD-R.  With 3 times the capacity, this heart CD is ideal for putting longer video.  Use it as archive for everything that has happened between you and your loved ones.  Video, pictures, love letters, songs, all can comfortably fit onto this beautiful and romantically designed heart CD.