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Try it now! You can test the user download experience with the following information.

At your request, we can set the number of allowable download for each code.

We have designed the site with easy-to-use in mind. When a user arrives the site, all he or she needs to do is to enter the download codes which are case insensitive. On pressing the Submit button the user will be led to the download page. Try it out now!

Why do you need download cards?

More and more music playing devices do not come with a CD drive, iPhone for example. Although converting the tracks on a CD as MP3 is not rocket science, many people do not have the knowhow to do it. By allowing your audience to download the MP3 files from the Internet will solve the problem.

When you buy the download cards from New Cyberian, we will host your music on We will print the cards for you and each card will have a unique number which enable your recipient to download files. The process is very simple. Call us for us to arrange a demo for you.