Fruit Tree Bird Repellent CDs

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Do you have fruit trees but the fruits seldom reach the table? Do the uninvited garden pests get to them before you? These guests are targeting your fruits hanging on the trees 24/7. They are the birds, the squirrels, and the other unexpected animals. However, traps and poison are not an adequate solution to the problem because they are inhumane and can violate some local ordinances.

Fortunately there is a cheap and effective solution. Gardeners throughout the world have used this method and it’s been proved to work. You won’t even believe how simple it is. By hanging some CDs on the trees the animals will be kept at a distance from the trees. The self-turning one side reflective and one side colorful CDs will deter the animal from approaching your trees. When the sun shines on them, the CDs also create moving bright spots. These bright spots will remind your intruders that it is dangerous to approach the trees. Consider them as the security guards of your backyard, and the guardians of your delicious, organic fruit.