Blu-ray Products

blu-ray products

Blu-ray Replication

Blu-ray can be copied in two ways, i.e. replication and duplication.

Blu-ray replication (also called BD replicaiton) means the Blu-ray discs will be made from injecting melting polycarbonate onto a stamper which contains the digital information. Part of the Blu-ray replication processes is the printing of the artwork onto the disc surface by either silkscreen or offset printing. Hollywood Blu-ray movies are all copied by replication. AACS, the copy protection scheme used for Blu-ray, is a must for all Blu-ray titles. Our pricing structure has already included the AACS license.

Blu-ray Duplication

Blu-ray can also be copied by duplication.

Blu-ray duplication means the discs will be burned from BD-R media and the artwork will be printed on directly onto the discs with inkjet printable coating. Blu-ray duplication is synonymous to Blu-ray burning and is meant for low volume and fast turn around Blu-ray production.

There is no AACS on duplicated Blu-ray and the mastering requirements are less strict.

blu-ray duplication blu-ray replication