Play Blu-ray on USB Drive

Play Blu-ray on USB Drives with Blu-ray-On-USB™

Blu-ray-On-USB™ is a portable software packaged by New Cyberian. With Blu-ray-On-USB™ you can copy the BDMV folder on any non copy protected Blu-ray to a USB drive and play the content as a normal Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray-On-USB™ is portable because there is no need to install any sotware on the hard drive of the computer that is used to play the Blu-ray. All you need is to download and copy the software onto the USB drive which also stores the content of the Blu-ray you intend to play.

Using Blu-ray-On-USB™ solves the problem of distributing video content used to be on replicated Blu-ray discs but now need to serve computers without a Blu-ray drive.

Blu-ray-On-USB can be downloaded from the following links.

Blu-ray-On-USB for PC
Blu-ray-On-USB for Mac