Amaray Cases DVD Packaging

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Inserts & Booklets

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Amaray Case has become the standard for DVDs. With full-color cover entrapment and inside panel inserts, your DVD packaging can be as professional as what you find in retail DVD stores. Our DVD Amaray Cases come with push-button hub, literature clips, and full sleeve for entrapment.

The cover entrapment will be inserted into the clear sleeve to cover the front and back of the Amaray Case. Panel inserts will be held by the literature clips.

The front entrapment is common to all the options except for the case only selection. Different number of pages for the inside panel inserts can be chosen from the option menu.

LEAD-TIME is about 10 working days. But let us know if you need your order sooner, we will try our best to expedite for you.

When you open an amaray case there are always a pair of literature clip on the left for you to include a literature booklet. Although on this page we only show up to 16 pages, you can have booklet as thick as 48 pages if need be. Call us for the most competitive price quotes!

If you choose to have a case cover and/or literature booklet printed, you can use the following artwork templates to make your design.

Download the Artwork Template(s) from the Artwork Template tab to create your design. You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please send us the font files as well. You can email us the artwork or use online file sharingg sites such as, Sendspace, Dropbox, etc. You can set the recipient as in either case.