Limited Edition CD Replication

As we all know that CD is probably reaching the end of its life.  With more and more devices such as car stereos that can accept USB drive and internet streaming is becoming easier, compact disc will step down from the musical stage pretty soon.

But be hold! Let me give you a good reason to press a limited edition release for your music.  It is from investment point of view and you will thank me 10 or 20 years later.

Remember the vinyl LP record?  20 years after disappearing from the market they are coming back. Now if you are holding a 20 year-old record on your hand it does worth much more money than you paid for 20 years ago.   Vinyl record collectors are making tons of money now because of their vision (by accident or intention) 20 years ago.  You see now why you should stock more CDs and make a limited edition of your own.  Just my two cents.

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