Special Compact Disc Packaging Solutions

Are you out of wits on disc packaging design? Are the jewel case, cardboard sleeves, and disc wallets too plain for you?

Presenting here is a feast of design ideas. The solutions on this page are not in our standard product offers because they are all customizable. Remember these are just few examples to demonstrate what we can do. Don’t let them encapsulate your imagination. Feel free to discuss with us on your ideas no matter how wild and weird they are.

Spot UV

  Spot UV

Spot UV is a special varnishing technique to give a “raised-print” effect. Unlike embossing the 3D effect is accomplished with heat and pressure on paper, Spot UV uses the technique of applying a UV glossy coat on chosen spots (areas). This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design.

Spot UV can be applied to digipaks, cardboard sleeves, disc wallets, booklet covers, and slip cases.

Please refer to How to Apply Spot Color and Sopt UV Channels in Photoshop on the proper way of preparing the artwork.


Gold Foil Stamping

metallic substrate

Foil stamping is nothing new and you have probably seen it on other packaging. Foil leaf is available in every imaginable color and pattern, like standard gold and silver, orange, or marbleized green. The idea is to create a shiny surface on the design. Foil stamping, also called hot stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping, can be combined with dimensional embossing to make letters and images on all sorts of disc packaging such as digipak, cardboard sleeve, disc wallet, slip cases, and booklet cover.

Price for foil stamping normally depends on the area to be covered. If you choose to have the whole area to be shiny, consider using the metallic substrate material described below instead. When you contact us for a price quote please also send us your artwork.



You know what a digipak is but how about a digibook? When you have many pages of booklet it will bulge up the pocket of a digipak. How about eliminating the tray but put the disc in a sleeve which is part of the booklet leafs? Petty slick right? The only burden is you do need to have a somewhat thick booklet.

You can apply all other neat stuff on this page to the front and back covers to make them even more attractive. Enhance it with Spot UV, Foil Stamping, or Metallic Brushing; the call is yours!

metallic brush

Metallic Substrate / Metallic Brush

Metallic substrate provides the most striking images for competing eyes catching at retail point of sales. The impression of a metal case immediately elevates the class of your packaging to the most premium. The color can be gold, silver, in fact any colors you can imagine. Remember again, you can apply metallic substrate with all other packaging solutions on this page such as sopt UV, embossing, and make it a digibook.