Play Blu-ray on USB thumb drives



There is no doubt that Blu-ray disc is a wonderful media for video distribution.  Its resolutions and hence quality of pictures is superior to DVD and streaming.  Unfortunately newly built computers don’t come with Blu-ray drive unless you install one by yourself. In other words, if you want to enjoy a Blu-ray movie made by your friends or relatives on your computer you will need to ask whoever makes the video to upload the content to the Internet for you to stream down to your computer.  On the other hand if you are the video creator you also need to concern whether the recipient of your video can play it on their computers if they don’t have a Blu-ray player at home.

Here is what Blu-ray-On-USBTM comes in handy. Blu-ray-On-USBTM is a portable software in the sense that it doesn’t require the users to install any software on their computers.  All the necessary software resides on the USB itself which is also the new home for the video content..

Setting up Blu-ray-On-USBTM is super easy.  Just download the software and copy it to the USB drive.  Once this is done there will be a folder called BDMV on the USB drive which will be the folder to hold the BDMV from the Blu-ray disc.  By dragging the files and folders in the BDMV folder on the Blu-ray disc to the USB drive you have enabled the USB to play the Blu-ray content on any computers.

Depends on your OS preference, you can download Blu-ray-On-USBTM  for PC or Blu-ray-On-USBTM for Mac

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