Why the inside spine of a digipak is blank

A spine of a digipak is the fold of the digipak with about the same thickness of the tray. A lot of people ask why the inside spine cannot have artwork printed on it. The answer is actually yes and no. Yes in the sense that you can still print artwork on it but the printing cost will almost double. For that reason a lot of people choose to leave the spine blank.

The following video explains why.

If for the sake of continuity of your artwork you need to print the inside spine please ask our sales representative about it.

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2 thoughts on “Why the inside spine of a digipak is blank

  1. That figures!

    But I hate to see my artwork is cut in the middle. So if I need the inside spine to be printed, how much could that be?

    Please quote me price for solid color CMYK (or pantone), and CMYK photographic so my artwork can flow from the left to right without interruption.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi copycat,

    Thanks for visiting our site.

    As you can see from the video, printing the inside spine is also the same as printing the other side. The machine won’t know we are only printing a small area and the setup cost is just as much as the other side. We still need to make the same number of sets of films, except for one color pantone then we only need one set of film.

    In answering your questions, the cost for inside spine printing (or reverse side printing to be precise) will be

    1. One color Pantone, $120
    2. CMYK solid color: $150
    3. CMYK non-solild, $180

    The reason why CMYK non-solid is higher is that we will need to align the artwork properly with the left and right panel. As you can imagine that is a very tedious process.

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