Using DVD-9 Dual Layer disc as a way to have copy protection

As we know CSS copy protection on DVD has been compromised soon after the method was announced. A Norwegian kid cracked the copy protection scheme in 1999.  Since then it is well known that is someone wants to copy a DVD there is always a way.  The only solution is to make it less convenient, and using DVD-9 is among one and the simplest one.

The argument is that dual layer DVD-R is more expensive and is not very convenient to copy.  Most disc copying software, including the famous NERO, is not very well equipped to do dual-layer copying.  Layer break point is linchpin .  Most software simply cannot figure out where the layer break point should be and will do a simple fill up the first layer and then dump the remaining data to the second layer scheme.  Doing so will definitely create a coaster.

Do consider using DVD-9 if you want to make plagiarism more difficult.


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One thought on “Using DVD-9 Dual Layer disc as a way to have copy protection

  1. Yes the purpose of using DVD9 is a good achievement. The major disadvantage as it has been explained for the purpose of using DVD-R is that of being too much expensive. And it is also better than the complicated NERO.

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