2 seconds between audio tracks

All audio CD authoring programs have a default 2 seconds pause between tracks.  But most rap music are continuous and by breaking the long track into several tracks serves only the fast forward function on a CD player. But if you forget to check the “No Pause Between Tracks” checkbox on your music CD authoring software then the result will be abnormal between tracks.  We advise our clients to either put everything in one track, or specifically tell us to have no pause between tracks.

If you compile your CD using NERO watch out the dialog as shown below.

No pause between tracks

No Pause Between Tracks

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One thought on “2 seconds between audio tracks

  1. It’s a trend now that master engineer will add the 2 second silence at the end of every track. But by default most cd burning software also add the 2 seconds making the total gap as 4 seconds. If you don’t send a physical CD to your replicator and send the WAV files, make sure to let them know if your tracks already have the trailing 2 second.

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