What is digibook?

What is digibook?

Ever since we promoted the CD digipak packaging for the music industry it has become our flagship #1 best seller.  Digipaks are lighter than jewel cases, and they provide better protection to the CDs because of the less fragile design.

But what is a digibook?

A digibook is really a perfect bound book with a sleeve at the end to hold a CD. This is a perfect packaging solution when your booklet is more than 20 pages.  When you have a thick booklet neither jewel case nor digipak will be a good solution because the booklet will be too difficult to be fit into a jewel case and too bulky for a digipak.


Front view of a digibook

The hardcover of the digibook, about 3mm to 4mm thick, serves as a good protection to both the CD and the booklet.  You can have the option to choose semi-glossy, matte, and super glossy paper stock. Because digibook is quite unique when compared with other packaging options, our clients tend to use digibook as a high end collectible item.

Price for a digibook depends on the number of pages for the booklet.  As a reference, a 36-page digibook will cost at the $5.00 range, including the CD.

Alternative view of a digibook

An open digibook

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4 thoughts on “What is digibook?

  1. This looks like a perfect bound book to me and I think it’s a great idea. I have a booklet with over 50 pages and that will overkill a traditional jewel case. Digibook works for me and I am glad to have found this.

  2. wow, i’m so glad that ive found your site. that’s exactly what i need. but i have two discs instead of one. can a digibook accommodate two discs? i hv one cd and one dvd.

  3. Hi Praise Factory,

    You sure can. You can put one disc after the front hardcover, and the other disc before the back cover. But there is really no standard. As a matter of fact, you can put the disc any where you want; in the middle of the book for example. The imagination is all yours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. I will be glad to guide you through the preparation process.

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