Blu-ray vs DVD

Since winning the high definition war Blu-ray is champion of the new era video distribution.  Or has that truly been the case?  We as a disc replicator haven’t seen a big demand for Blu-ray yet, at least not at the indie level.  Hollywood movies have moved to Blu-ray or simul-release blu-ray’s and DVD’s. But for the indies, I think the license fees are still too high.  For low volume production the total of the license fees is even higher than the cost of replicating the disc.  I do have suggestions for the indies who want to distribute high definition videos.

  1. Use blu-ray duplication instead of replication.  Burning blu-ray movies on BD-R does not require AACS.
  2. Use dual layer DVD, or even single layer DVD is your video is short, and encode the video in AVCHD format. The replicated disc is still a DVD but it won’t play on DVD players.  Instead, it will play on blu-ray players. Believe it or not, AVCHD can still attain the full HD resolutions of 1920 x 1080.  The play time will be dependent on the resolutions of course.

Please feel free to contact us at New Cyberian if you need to know about any high definition video solutions.

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