Sending CD master for duplication or replication

For some reasons most of our customers always have very tight deadlines.  I guess that has to do with the human nature that we tend to do things until the last minute.  That’s why I always advise my clients to plan ahead.  Not only that will prevent potential errors due to rushing, but also save a lot on shipping cost.

That said, just in case you are competing against time and even one day will make the “hit or miss” scenario, sending you content master via the Internet will be your only option.  In our article “Using Disc Image for Disc Replication” we have outlined the details.  This is a recap of the article.

  1. Use ImgBurn to create a disc image
  2. Reverse the disc image by burning a test copy and verify the disc is correct
  3. Zip up the disc image files in chunks of 200MB
  4. Upload the zip files to an FTP site.

I can’t emphasize more on #3, i.e. the zipping of the files.  If you don’t zip the files there will be a very big chance that the image file will be corrupted.  This is because of the ASCII and binary settings used by most FTP programs.  Zipping the files also adds one more level of assurance.  If your files cannot be unzipped then there must be something wrong with the uploading.  Without this check-sum protection it will be hard to say whether the uploading-downloading is a one-to-one mapping.


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