Choosing the right CD replication company

Yesterday we talked about few things you should look for when choosing a compact disc replicator.  Let’s recap that.

  1. Check your prices
  2. Get a physical sample
  3. Avoid replicators that accept porn orders

Today, let’s add one more point on the list.

When you call your prospective vendor try to identify whether you are talking to a salesperson or a sales engineer. What’s the difference?  A salesperson is just a person who can talk. A sales engineer is also a person who can talk but knows the products thoroughly. Talking to a salesperson is a waste of your time. If you are put on hold few times in a call then you know you are talking to a salesperson. Avoid using them if all possible. Trouble is imminent when you give your project to a salesperson. And because of his incompetence he may not be around the next time you call.  Dealing with different persons for a single project is very inefficient, not to mention the potential of making errors when the project was changing hands. Unfortunately many so called big companies still hire low-waged operator level people to fill their sales jobs.

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