Something out of ordinary in CD replication and Packaging

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When it comes to packaging for music CDs people tend to use jewel cases.  Jewel case is indeed the de facto standard for CD packaging for many years.  Ever since the first CD release in 1981 jewel case has been used and people always associate it with music CD.

I believe it time to change that.  Jewel case uses too much plastic and is so fragile.  If you drop a jewel case it will definitely break.

New Cyberian has been the front runner on using non plastic material for CD packaging. Digipak and Digibook are among the items we actively promote. Both products use less plastic and they look more elegant as compared with jewel case.

A lot of companies are selling digipaks.  But in reality they all funnel to few companies that can make digipak cost effectively and New Cyberian is one of them.  The digipaks made by New Cyberian are different from the ones made by d*scmakers and N*tionwidedisc in that our digipaks are more robust and we use polywrap instead of shrink wrap.  Don’t underestimate such subtle difference.  It’s the difference that distinguishes premium and mediocre.

I don’t think there are any companies making digibooks.  It’s not that they are difficult to be made, but it’s difficult to make them good and cost effectively. Oh by the way, digibook is just a book with a sleeve as the first or last page to hold a CD.  The book can be as thin as 10 pages and as thick as 100 pages.  This is an ideal packaging solution when you have a lot to tell in writing.

If you have any weird idea about CD packaging please calls New Cyberian.  We will be your partner to implement your idea from making a prototype to mass production.

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