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CD Replication

CD Replication

The CDs will be pressed from a glass master. Artwork will be printed directly onto the CDs using silkscreen or offset printing. Most retail CDs are replicated and not duplicated. Choose this option when the ordered quantity is 300 or larger.

DVD Replication

DVD Replication

The DVDs will be pressed from a glass master. Artwork will be printed directly onto the DVDs using silkscreen or offset printing. Hollywood DVDs are replicated and not duplicted. Replicated DVDs have better compatibility with most DVD players. Choose this option when the ordered quantity is 300 or larger.

Blu-ray Replication

Blu-ray Replication

The Blu-ray discs will be pressed from a glass master. Artwork will be printed directly onto the Blu-ray using silkscreen or offset printing. Requires AACS but we will apply for it on your behalf. We can accept already authored Blu-ray disc on BD-R as master. Alternatively you can output the master as BD-MV or BD-CMF format.

CD Short-Run Duplication

CD Duplication

Great for smaller quantity or fast turn time. The CDs will be burned from high quality recordable CDs. Paper labels can be affixed to the CDs or the artwork can be printed directly onto the CDs using inkjet printer.

DVD Short-Run Duplication

DVD Duplication

The content will be burned to high quality grade A recordable DVD media. Choose this option for small quantity or urgent jobs. High quality glossy paper labels can be affixed onto the DVDs or the artwork can be printed directly onto the discs with inkjet printer.

Blu-ray Short-Run Duplication

Blu-ray Duplication

Great for small volume or urgent jobs. No need to have AACS. The content will be burned onto high quality BD-Rs. Artwork can be on paper labels or printed directly onto discs using inkjet printer.

Blank CD-R Printing

CD-R Printing

Your artwork will be printed on high quality grade A CD-Rs. The CD-Rs will still be blank to allow for content burning on demand by yourself.

Blank DVD-R Printing

DVD-R Printing

Your artwork will be printed on high quality recordable DVD media. The DVD-Rs will still be blank so you can burn contents on them on demand.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Digipak recycled digipak

Recycled Digipaks

Let’s give the environment a break. This is a plastics free packaging. The CD trays will be made from either sugarcane or egg carton. A great product if you care about the environment.

USB Flash Drive

USB Thumb Drives

Print your logo on USB flash drives. A great promotional product which people will not throw away!

Video Postcard

Video Greeting Card

Who can resist not opening a video greeting card? Once opened the video will start to play automatically. Great for targeting someones to whom you want them to watch your video definitely.

jewel case
Jewel Cases

Jewel Cases

The most common CD packaging. You can choose black tray or clear tray and different number of pages for the front cover.



Digipak is an alternative to jewel case. It uses less plastics and is more lightweight. Musicians love to use digipak for its more classic look.

download cards
Download Cards

Music Download Cards

Don’t forget that iPhone and many new music playing devices don’t have a CD drive. Let your audience download your music instead. We will host your music and administrate the download process for you.

dvd replication
DVD Replication

DVD Replication

DVD player is the mostly owned appliance in the US. Using DVD is still the best way to distribute your video contents.



The best way to combine a compact disc and a book. If you have booklet more than 20 pages, consider using digibook instead of jewel case.

usb thumb drive
USB Flash Drives

USB Thumb Drives

Give a USB to your prospect and they will tend to keep it and remember you when they need you. We print your logo on the USB drives with silkscreen printing.

cd cardboard jacket
CD Jackets/Mailers

CD Jacket

This is the most economical and practical way to package compact discs. The CD jacket can be used as a mailer, eliminating the need for extra packaging when you need to do mass mailing.

disc wallet
Disc Wallets

Disc Wallet

A great plastics free alternative to jewel case with excellent protection to the disc inside.

video postcard
Video Postcards

Video Postcards

Delivering video in a proactive way. This product will definitely achieve the goal if you need to target someones to whom you absolutely want them to see your video.

Quality, Variety, Superb Customer Services

New Cyberian has been known to indie musicians and filmmakers as the premium compact disc manufacturer. We offer many products that other companies cannot or do not want to handle. Quality and variety are our niches.

Seeing is beliving! Please click on the following video links to find out these great products.

To meet the needs of our customers with highest satisfaction

Since 2000 New Cyberian has helped over 100,000 customers fulfill their digital content copying needs on CD duplication, CD replication, DVD duplication, DVD replication, and Disc Packaging. With Blu-ray becoming more popular, New Cyberian has add Blu-ray duplication and Blu-ray replication services in 2010. We are among the only few companies that can accept BDMV as master for Blu-ray replication. All other companies will require you to provide BDCMF which is not the format most Blu-ray authoring software can export.

Besides offering great products and excellent prices, New Cyberian wins the competition by giving our customers the best customer service. Dedication and attention to details are the minimum requirements our staff possesses. With our selfless dedication to service, you will have the peace of mind that your project will be completed timely and cost effectively to your highest satisfaction.

Customers of New Cyberian come from all over the world, from neighboring cities in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley such as Milpitas, Campbell, Fremont, Oakland, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park to major metropolitan cities such as New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Philadelphia MA, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, Jacksonville FL, Indianapolis IN, Austin TX, Columbus OH, Boston MA, Seattle WA, Las Vegas NV, etc.

Overseas customers from Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Norway, Australia, and South Africa also find buying from New Cyberian can be cheaper than buying from local vendors even with tariff and shipping cost added. New Cyberian also helps overseas customers fulfill their orders in the United States such as shipping the orders to Amazon.

Flexible lead-time, custom packaging, worldwide delivery

Although our standard lead-time is normally 5 to 10 business days, we can be flexible to accommodate your mission critical timeline when you actually needed your discs or USB drives done yesterday. Big companies make unbendable rigid rules and are likely to have nonchalant employees, but not at New Cyberian.

Tired of the standard packaging but turned away by the highway robbery quotations from other companies? New Cyberian is the best place to bring your brilliant ideas to fruition. We specialize in non-traditional packaging designs at, most importantly, affordable prices. No matter if it is for a small CD duplication or a high volume DVD replication job, New Cyberian always has the right packaging solutions for you.

With ISO-9001 certified plants all over the world, New Cyberian can help you save money with efficient logistic planning. For example, if your contract manufacturer is in China or Taiwan, we can use our plants locally to fulfill your order. We can also help manage and handle the import/export tax issues for you.

To Duplicate or Replicate?

In the compact disc manufacturing industry we make a subtle difference between duplication and replication although most people deem them as synonymous.

We use the term duplication to mean making copies by the so-called CD burning or DVD burning, i.e. the data is copied onto recordable media such as CD-Rs or DVD-Rs using a CD or DVD burner. A CD or DVD burner is evidently not an oven but typically a disc drive in a computer. The disc burners can be stacked up to form a DVD Duplication Tower.

Replication, on the other hand, is the term to mean industrial mass reproduction of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays under a controlled environment from a factory. Store sold CDs and DVDs are replicated discs and so are the blu-ray titles.

New Cyberian offers both short-run CD and DVD duplication as well as high volume CD, DVD, and Blu-ray replication services to meet the various needs of our clients.